PsExec is a handy tool that can let you open up remote command prompts on other machines in your domain.

You will want to download PsTools from the button bellow and copy the files over to your C: drive such as:


Now open up cmd.exe

cd c:\pstools
Once in this directory you can now launch psexec or any of the other tool included in PsTools.

psexec \\computer1 cmd
This will open up a command prompt on the remote system.

psexec \\computer1 ipconfig /all
This will run the command on the remote system and return you the results.

There are many other things that can be done with PsExec and the above are just a couple of them.

Sometimes when a user reports to you that their connection seems slow it can be because they are not getting the full speed on their network adapter. You are must likely running 1 Gb connections but if there is a faulty cable, faulty switch port or bad NIC they might only be getting 100 Mb speed. We can use PsExec to open a command prompt:

psexec \\computer1 cmd
Once you have a command prompt running on their machine use:

wmic NIC where NetEnabled=true get Name, Speed
This will show the speeds of all adapters.

When using a command like robocopy to make a copy of a user's C drive you will often run into a lot of errors because of lack of permissions on system files. One way around this is to use psexec to launch a command prompt instance as the system user.

psexec -i -s -d cmd

Now that has launched you can verify that you are the system user by doing:
whoami /user

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