Find RAID IP Address

In this case the server was using an Areca RAID card and the IP address to access it was unknown.

This particular RAID card had an external Ethernet port that allowed you to plug it into a switch or a computer. Often you would give the RAID card an appropriate IP address and plug it into a switch on your network so that it could be accessed from anywhere on your network. For this example the RAID card was not plugged in and therefore finding connecting to it posed a challenge.

A laptop was plugged into the Ethernet port but since the RAID card and the laptop are like devices a crossover cable was needed. On the laptop Wireshark(Network scanner) was run to monitor the packets being sent between the laptop and the RAID card. The RAID card sent out an "ARP" request for it default gateway of which identified that it was using IP address which might be a default IP address that Areca cards use.

Now that we know the IP address we can give the laptop an address on the same subnet such as After that we can open a web browser and go to and it will ask for login. The default password on an Areca Raid card is:

Username: admin
Password: 0000