Favour LAN Over Wifi

When using a device with both Ethernet and Wi-Fi such as a laptop Windows will by default favour the Ethernet over Wi-fi. This means that if the laptop is connected wirelessly and you plug in an Ethernet cable it will immediately stop using wireless and switch over to using Ethernet

For some reason it is possible that this transition will not occur and it might still favour the Wireless connection.

Here is a way to make sure it uses Ethernet

  • Open up "Network and Sharing Center"
  • Click "Change Adapter Settings"
  • Press the "alt" key, this brings up a hidden menu
  • Select from the menu "Advanced"
  • Select from the dropdown "Advanced Settings"
  • Make sure that Ethernet is at the top of the list of connections (use the arrows keys on the side)
  • You can also verify which connection Ethernet or Wi-Fi is going to be used by opening up Command Prompt and typing route print

    Then look for the gateways of your two networks and see which one has the lower metric that is the connection that will be used.