Exchange Resource Delegation

If someone needs access to be able to see who has booked meeting rooms or if you want the requests to book a meeting room sent to a user they need to be added as a resource delegate for that meeting room.

To do this open up the Exchange Management Shell and we will first check who is a delegate for a specific meeting room.

  • Get-MailboxCalendarSettings -id "meeting-room1" | FL

  • This will show a range of useful information.

    Now we can set the resource delegates:

  • Set-MailboxCalendarSettings -id "meeting-room1" -ResourceDelegates "John Doe" , "Jane Doe"

  • Here are a couple of common settings you might use for your meeting room

  • Set-MailboxCalendarSettings meeting-room1 -AutomateProcessing AutoAccept -AllBookInPolicy $true -ProcessExternalMeetingMessages $false

  • For more information on this please see the link:

    Resource Delegates