Cisco Basic Commands

Here are some basic commands to program a Cisco IOS device such as a router or switch.

This bring you into Enable mode

conf t
This brings you into Configure Terminal mode

Takes you back a level

Takes you from config mode to privelege exec

Reboots the device

Saves the configuration to memory

copy running-config startup-config
Saves the running config to startup config

write erase
Deleted saved configuration

erase startup-config
Deleted startup config

hostname Headquarters-Router
This lets you change the hostname to Headquarters-Router

enable secret level 15 52##tgh**
This sets the enable secret to 52##tgh** and sets that password to level 15 the highest level. When viewing the configs the password will show as encrypted

int fa 0/1
This will get you into the interface level configuration for FastEthernet 0/1

no shut
This brings up an interface, on Cisco devices all ports are shutdown by default

banner login #No unathorized access allowed#
This sets the login banner that will be seen of someone telnet's in but not if using SSH.

banner motd #No unathorized access allowed#
This sets the motd banner that will be seen after connecting.